Direct Talks with Ursula 1000

Alex Gimeno, better known as Ursula 1000, is one of the most eclectic producer, Dj, multi-instumentalist. He comes from Brooklyn, New York, but his sound runs all over the world. Before he was born dj and drummer, it was in 1999 that Ursula 1000 began his adventure. The first works are characterized by a 60s and Big Beat sound, but culturally alex is already versed in the various music genres. The desire and the need to combine them and to explore of new make his work not only extremely various but also characterize it by a costant evolutionary line, always of high level. He explores rock, dance, glam rock, electro, boogie funk, latin rhythms, groove, post punk …and more!

His remixes and his collaborations are equally famous, he plays in various locations around the world and his music also appears in the successful TV series and in the television advertising campaigns of some well-known brands.
His album are: The Now Sound of Ursula 1000 (ESL Music, 1999), All Systems are Go Go (ESL Music, 2000), Kinda’ Kinky (ESL Music, 2002), Ursadelica (ESL Music, 2004), Here Comes Tomorrow (ESL Music, 2006), Undressed (ESL Music, 2008), Mystics (ESL Music, 2009), Mondo Beyondo (ESL Music, 2011) & many EP and remixes.

  1. Mina feat Ursula 1000 – Parole parole (FRW edit 2012) Mina feat Ursula 1000
  2. Nicola Conte feat Ursula 1000 – La coda del diavolo (FRW edit 2009) Nicola Conte feat Ursula 1000
  3. The Meters feat Ursula 1000 – Hand clapping The Meters feat Ursula 1000

What follow is my interview with him:

1 . How and when your career started?

I started dj-ing and playing drums in a indie-rock group around the same time, early 90s while living in Miami, Florida. I’d say around 1998 is when I started fooling around with demos, blending 60s lounge/music library/soundtrack sounds with modern club beats and sequences. It was just a little after that that ESL Music (Thievery Corporation’s label) liked what I did and released my debut in ’99-2000.

2 . The way you make music is very unique and original, but we are also seeing an evolution. How was born and how today borns your creativity?

I grew up during the new wave/post punk era so that is the sound of my youth. During the brit pop/acid house explosion, that got me into how rock and dance rhythms.could blend. But the early Ursula 1000 sound is very 60s and very influenced by Big Beat. But since that first album, I’ve been exploring other interests like glam rock, electro, boogie funk, latin rhythms, trashy garage rock…you name it! People throw around the word “eclectic” but this is truly ECLECTIC!

3 . Creativity is also an expression or a reflection of what we are intimately, our essence. Which part of you is reflected by your music?

Think it’s just the love of experimenting. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist in my studio! But that’s who I’ve always been in life. There is so much in the world to explore and discover. That’s what drives me.

4 . Do you think that you transmit this to the people or do you try to transmit something specific?

I think so. I’ve been lucky that for the most part, my fans have always been along for the ride. There are some, which is inevitable ,that always want to you to remake your early stuff, but it’s a real small percentage.

5 . Who is Alex Gimeno, aka Ursula 1000, musican apart?

A human, a husband, a father and a brother! But really, just a big pop culture nerd! Music, comics and coffee!

6 . Please, tell us a meaningful or amusing anecdote related to your career.

I was dj-ing in Sweden for an H&M fashion show and the model Eva Herzigova came up and requested that I play a song that I had just played earlier. It was fun to deny someone who probably gets whatever she wants. That’s a big dj faux paus! The same song twice in one night? Unless it’s a reggae party and I’m doing a rewind, then never!

7 . A lot of your works were used for spot, tv series etc. What is your relationship with tv, with the cinema and the other Arts?

I’m very lucky in that music supervisors like my music. I’ve heard that they like the cinematic aspect of it and that it’s easy to cut to film. I kind of go into making a song like it’s a small movie so I guess that makes sense.

8 . Free your mind and use what you want (metaphors, images, quotes, impromptu poetry etc.) to describe your albums.

…and your gluteus maximus will follow…alongside your inhibitions!

9 . How would you describe your relationship with your fans?

Pretty tight. They get my sense of humor and sounds I like to explore.

10 . Do you want to leave a message to them or to whom doesn’t know your music yet?

I would say that in this world of electronic music that can get very pretentious and up it’s own ass, if you’re looking for something fun and that mixes sounds from different eras into a new voice then have a taste! Wait, that kind of sounded pretentious! 🙂

11 . What are your plans for the immediate future?

Remixes for Gemini Bros and Jesswah are expected soon via Boogie Boutique as are remixes for Rivera Rotation on Lounge Records and Fauna on ZZK Records for their Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires collection. You can grab that remix here at ZZK‘s Soundcloud page. I’ve collaborated again with Fred Schneider of The B-52s on this new side project, The Fangs!
Our Halloween anthem, “Vampire Vamp“, has been a big hit and making the rounds. Check out the trashy video here. March 2013 sees the release of a brand new project which is still top secret! But it will be very different from Ursula 1000. I think you will enjoy it!

12 . If you could return on yours musical scores, which chord would you change?

You mean change older productions? I mean, sure, everyone hears old stuff of theirs and wishes they could update it. I got lucky with Grand Marnier who used my 2002 track Riviera Rendezvous for an ad. They did a new campaign and I was able to remix it. That was fun! Hopefully I will get the full version of that out to the public soon!


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