Direct Talks with Afterlife (2012)

The renowned DJ & Producer Steve Miller, aka Afterlife, presents us his latest album, “The White Island” (Subatomic UK), 02-09-12.
A tribute to the famous white island, Ibiza, an island that absorbs many cultures and frees the positive effects through the music of musicians that work there.
For years, the elegant and soft Chill Out of Steve accompanies the summers and the lives of fans of the genre. His sound, classic and melodic, it’s always open to the influences of other musical genres. Steve takes the better from the good music and life’s vibrations that surround him and enriches all with excellent collaborators, like this time Lovely Laura, Alexandra Hamnede, Juanita Granade, Rachel Lloyd. This album confirms the technical and stylistic qualities of Steve to those who follow him all along and to neophytes of the genre.
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So, put on the headphones and enjoy the relax.

  1. Afterlife feat Dj Pulse – Breakfast at Benirass Afterlife feat Dj Pulse
  2. Afterlife feat Peter Kruder – Sunrise Afterlife feat Peter Kruder
  3. Afterlife feat Montefiori Cocktail – Bacalao Afterlife feat Montefiori Cocktail
  4. Moodorama feat Afterlife – Breakin sushi Moodorama feat Afterlife

What follows is my interview with him:

o1. How and when your career started?

I started playing in a reggae band called Bassdance that had the same management as Steel Pulse and the original guitarist from the band Basil Gabbidon. We did a lot of live touring supporting people like Third World, Desmond Dekker, Aswad, Black Uhuru and even were Lee Perry’s backing band at Dingwalls one night which was a fantastic experience. I then worked with K Klass on some dance remixes and really got into the energy of acid house which seemed to me like double speed reggae anyway.

02. What led you to this specific musical genre?

I worked for a while in dance music but used to make more chilld stuff in my spare time but there never seemed to be a market for it. Then one day a small label liked what they heard and so was born the very first Afterlife album in 1993. The budget was so small all the mixes had to be done in one week so it was rough around the edges. Jose Padilla put it in his top 10 albums of the year and called me to invite me to make something for Cafe del Mar Vol.3 which was “Blue Bar”. It all started from there.

03. Who is Steve Miller (aka Afterlife), musican apart?

I live to create music first and foremost, it’s my passion and always has been. Otherwise I am just another human being trying to learn the secrets of existence and my philosophy is based on Taoist priciples which seem to make more sense than anything else although I keep an open mind and question everything, or at least, think I do.

04. It’s just released your latest album, The White Island, and the title immediately brings us in a relaxing and enveloping atmosphere. Does really exists this white island?

The album is a tribute to Ibiza which is known as the White Island, It has inspired me and many more artists for years, it has a history of open mindedness and the natives have always been welcoming to many different cultures in the last 2000 years which is a healthy attitude and I believe has encouraged such a diverse musical culture in such a small island.

05. Where do you want to bring your listeners with these sounds, which horizons or imaginary?

I hope the music reminds the listener of their favourite places where they feel the most alive and relaxed with a little partying.

06. You have a long and successful career behind. What’s contains this album of your musical past and what again?

This album is a snapshot of my feelings in the last three years and the influences I get from the people I work with who are all part of the Balearic movement in some way.

07. Do you searched for new sources of inspiration or you drew on your emotions and music that already surrounds you?

I constantly look for inspiration which can come from anywhere, usually when it is least expected, I usually start sitting at my piano or with a guitar or my wavedrum. I am not influenced by fashion whatsoever. I remember also that once I was making love with my girlfriend and a bass line came into my head, it was so good I had to stop and write it down, my girlfriend understood and forgave me.

08. Immediately affects positively the choice of voices, female and thick. Can you say us, to each of them, one or more features/distinctions that they’ll hit you and for which you’ve chosen them?

Good lyrics and a voice that inspires me to want to work with them. I am always looking for new vocalists male and female. I believe the voice is the window to the soul.

09. Wish you to report additional album characteristics (technical, stylistic or otherwise) that it’s important for you to underline?

I love the production process once the original song has been written. It is very different from writing and I try to make the best possible listening experience so people can sit down to listen to a record on a good system and enjoy it properly like a great meal. I am not a fan of hypercompression and take great acre to make sure my masters are not overloud like so much electronic pop music which brutalises the sound and makes it two dimensional. If you want the music louder just use the volume control, that’s what it’s there for.

10. Do you want to leave a message to your fans or to whom doesn’t know your music yet?

I want to thank my fans for all their support over the years and it’s nice to connect with them these days on Facebook which has broken down so many barriers. Art is therapy after all if it makes people feel good. When I get feedback from fans it makes me feel really happy that I am making some sort of contribution to human happiness.

11. What are your plans for the immediate future?

I am now finishing the debut album of the Normalites which is a virtual band created by me and Chris Coco. It is very different, with guitars, dub, blues and satire mostly recorded live but still with a Balearic feel. It will be released next spring.

12. If you could return on yours musical scores, which chord would you change?


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