Slo-Fi Cuisine by Groove Gecko

Groove Gecko is a producer on the Amsterdam based Vibin’ Grooves label, run by Alex Cortiz, a worldwide acclaimed ‘deep downtempo’ producer. Not much is known about Groove Gecko, also because Vibin’ Grooves decided to keep this producer’s background a bit of a mystery.
It’s the music that counts and should speak. Therefore GG can be a he, a she or… a gecko. But we do know that Groove Gecko has a recording studio in a basement under a bridge over one of Amsterdam’s famous canals. And that he or she likes to consume huge amounts of mocha and little sips of absinthe to spice up the creative flow.
As for the music: Slo-Fi Cuisine is the first album of Groove Gecko, and is a mix of future downtenpo, dub cuisine, dark jazz and future electronica.

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