Direct Talks with The Gentle People

The Gentle People, a band and a piece of the story of Lounge, Electronica, Chill Out scene. It’s more than two decades that they are in the wake of success and soon we hope into a new compilation. The band started its history in 1992 in Brixton, London. The members has always believed in their music and in their projects, so after the first years in which the band took its own shape, the success arrived. Thanks to the meeting with Valentine Carnelian their creative eclectic and funny ideas were realized. Now The Gentle People has four personalities but also an unique harmony and a stronge union.
Dougee Dimensional, Honeymink, Valentine Carnelian, Laurie Lemans have 4 Albums, 3 Compilations and severals Singles, EPs and Miscellaneous to one’s credit. They have also remixed tracks of other groups, like Luke of Pizzicato 5. Their touch and their way to be on the stage is unmistakable. Their music is full of inspirations, influences like the club culture of 90s and so on.
Let’s go to know them more and to listen their works.

  1. The Gentle People – Groovin with you (LM edit) The Gentle People

What follow is my interview with them.

01 . How and when your career started?
Our career started way back in 1992 in Brixton, London where we started throwing dress up theme parties.

02 . Why have you chosen the name The Gentle People?
One of our favorite films of all time is Russ Meyer’s “Beyond The Valley of The Dolls.” It encompassed the entire vision of what we were into. Great music, edgy saucy comedy and fabulous technicolor fashions and a sense of decadence…..

03 . I read that after your beginning it was fundamental to meet Valentine Carnelian, it was the early 90’s. What happened and what changed?
When we started the idea of Gentle People, we were working with a friend who was a very busy programmer. He was getting very busy with his own projects but he put us in touch with Valentine Carnelian as he thought he would be the perfect person to facilitate our musical ideas. It worked out perfect as he loved Easy Listening music and also shared the same comical sensibilities that we all shared. It was a match made in heaven. Thanks to Valentine, we were able to bring our music to a new level.

04 . If it’s possible to describe it, what is the music for you?
The music is a way of life. At the time we started, not many people were creating Chill out Lounge Music. We were looking for something soothing to the ear with pop sensibilities and also something that was either completely idiotic or hyper intelligent.

05 . What binds all of you over the music?
Our love of Easy Listening music and orchestras was defintely a big influence in our sound. We tried to create something new to be enjoyed at home.

06 . How has your sound evolved and where is going?
Our sound has become less based in samples over the years. We love big orchestra sounds but it seems to be harder get away with sampling these days and it’s also a different process for us when writing. The future is more organic for us but we still love crazy sine waves and analog synth sounds.

07 . On your website we can read the creative descriptions and considerations of the single members. Why have you choosen this original and also funny way?
We are indeed 4 very different types of people. In some ways, it’s surprising that 4 very strong personalities can exist in a music group. Our Gentle personas are an extension of our hyper-selves so much of it is the way we really want to be in cyberspace.

08 . In few words how can you describe each member of The Gentle People into their daily life?
Honeymink: Intelligent
Valentine: mysterious
Laurie: chic

09 . There is an answer or an information about the band that you’ve never given but that want you to share with us?
God is alive and well in a sugar cube!

10 . Please, tell us a meaningful or amusing anecdote related to your career.
Do exactly what you love and don’t worry about what other people may think of you or your art.

11 . What are your plans for the immediate future?
Right now, we are on a hiatus as we are geographically challenged. Dougee is living in Los Angeles and the other members are in London. Hopefully soon, we will recollaborate on some new music.

12 . If you could return on your musical scores, which chord would you change?
I don’t think we would change a thing. We are very fond of our minor chords and the way they evoke emotion.


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