Richard Dorfmeister

Either with the infamous sidekicks Peter Kruder or Rupert Huber for Kruder and Dorfmeister or Tosca, or even with the dancefloor stomping grounds of Madrid de los Austrias, Richard Dorfmeister is the epitome of expertness and characteristics of a professional person. And not only musical speaking! Actually, come to think of it, how to conduct yourself as a human being! In the time, I have known Richard Dorfmeister, he has been helpful, considerate and charming in making this Englishman’s stay in Vienna more pleasant. I know he is like minded on his vast travels and journeys. As a professional though we are here to speak about the music and the man more as a biography more than a testimonial, and it is no surprise that as a producer and a DJ he is so highly respected and regarded. Of all the DJ’s and producers around, he is one of the only few that comes good every time. A DJ and a producer who simply knows how to get the job done time after time!

It is not that well documented about the early days and rise of Richard Dorfmeister. Many simply do not realise that Richard is in fact an excellent flutist and musician; you can hear him play on the stunning ‘Wonderful’ track from Tosca’s ‘Delhi 9’. His musical journey to the very top of the respected tree beginning with a real education and understanding of how music is made and experienced. This went a long way in developing a unique and unmistakable sound, especially with Peter Kruder who also is a fine and talented individual musician. Between them, they simply brought a true and honest musicians groove into the electronic playing field that was universally praised and received. The formidable ‘Sessions’ and remixes simply oozing class and elegance, a generation of beat headz and tastemakers very often buying the records on the strength of the quality of remixes. K&D simply became a brand that suggested the finest musical quality control.
Tosca didn’t disappoint either! A more elegant and sophisticated sound, and in tune with the growing up of the generation before. Along with school yard friend Rupert Huber (another accomplished musician), Richard Dorfmeister took the sound to the masses and continued with much of what he accomplished with Peter Kruder. The truth is, who ever Richard Dorfmeister chooses to work with, it will be guaranteed to invoke emotion, feeling and sensation. And with eight albums under the Tosca guise, including the excellent remix packages, the Tosca brand is now firmly steeped in electronic/organic music folklore and legacy. It is engraved and impressed in the high end category. Enjoyed by grandparents as well as her grandsons and daughters.

With Madrid de los Austrias, Richard Dorfmeister delivers beats and pieces that rock any dancefloor, anywhere. Talking the music to the floor was never an issue, and Richard’s very busy DJ schedule has given him plenty of knowledge to understand what is required in making excellent dance music. And while others tell tales of their DJ career starting at the age of three or in their embryonic phase, Richard is happy to acknowledge that his real turntable aspirations began after the formal education of playing live music in 1992. What is really apparent is that his experience and expertise in reading and writing and playing music is a major asset in him programming modern and accessible electronic music and playing it to large audiences worldwide. It is always major impact that new audiences who have grown up with Richard Dorfmeister produced music, get particularly excited by what he can offer on the dancefloor.

Alan Brown, Soul Seduction