Infinity Pool by Odette Di Maio

Odette Di Maio comes back to the stage after years spent on international projects and many concerts with her “L’America di Odette” solo show, a collection of the US greatest pop-folk-rock hits.
She will publish her new work “Infinity Pool” in May 2018, confirming her unique talent for songwriting. She welcomes us to a world of magic stories, intense characters and a wide spectrum of feelings. Odette has poured her deep knowledge of human nature and her mindful observation skills into songs that are somehow out of space and time.

Infinity pool” is a blend of acoustic, refined and melancholic sounds that perfectly fit the warm, crystalline and expressive voice of Odette and is about a spiritual connection with the higher dimensions of self and transcendent worlds:

1 . “Sudden sparks of light” are those surprising moments when we realize we can break free from a limiting past and let unexpected resources grow inside of us.
2 . “Circle” a song performed originally by Texan artist Edie Brickell, at the end of the 80s.
3 . “Non-existence” is about the doubts that torture us when a love affair has not started yet, it does not give us the expected securities and melancholy hides behind waiting.
4 . “Past and future” is about the possibility of diving into transcendental and otherworldly experiences and of the wonderful support that we can receive when we expand our senses.
5 . “Visions of absence” revises a song by Miss O, re-arranged in an essential version, only vocals, piano and bass, which imagines visions of a day of loss and separation.
6 . “Splinters” is an older track written by Odette that fits perfectly with the other songs mood and closes the album.

The idea behind the name “Infinity pool” is that of a primordial soup, from which we all come and to which we all aspire to return, after a long and somehow exhausting evolutive path. Emotions, thoughts, and identity changes distinguish this journey that brings us inside and outside of ourselves, with many new insights.
Infinity pool is also the name of a pool that faces the suggestive landscape of the Sayan Valley near Ubud in Bali and in which Odette got portrayed for the album cover. The first single is “Non-existence”, which video is shot entirely in Bali and pictures Odette inside the villa of the Taman Bebek Resort in Ubud.