We Believe

We believe that it is possible to change this world!
Our mission is to change the current rules governing the world of music. We want the right to free expression to become a tangible reality, the norm that regulates the mechanisms of approach to the music market.
Today, despite globalization and the super-connected world, despite rampant democracies calling for freedom, promising recognition of rights and transparency, however, negation survives in this system of things, which actually prevents every practical possibility that all this it is true.

Nowadays, an unknown and emerging Dj has no chance, no concrete freedom of expression to enter the market, as laws prohibit and prevent him from re-working a song belonging to a famous artist. You must first request permissions to authors, sign commercial agreements that govern royalties, and so on.
But in fact, all this is not possible. Permission requests are promptly ignored by the recipients, if you are lucky they will reply that they are not interested. Your opportunity is destroyed at birth!

We believe that in a world where freedom of expression is truly applied and recognized, a Dj must have the ability and the right to release his remix work. We believe that in a truly free and guaranteed world, record labels, distributors, streaming platforms, and online stores should work in close synergy to allow automatic delivery of released content. By implementing a unique global system for recognizing audio footprints, and ensuring that all parties in the game are able to assert their rights.

We believe that an author should have the right to receive his royalties, but we also believe that he is not the owner of the created music. No one can own a sequence of notes. Music is not an object to possess. So we think no one should ask for permission to create and publish a remix. There should be a concession, it should involve a qualitative assessment of the work by the original author. An author could therefore deny his assent only if the remix is not artistically and qualitatively performing. In this case, the remixer would have the right opportunity and motivation to improve, and create more and more performing work.

We believe that in a world where this really happens, everyone will have the opportunity to receive something, the right one. And non-profit non-governmental organizations such as LM.ORG could proliferate and make the real difference. Creating free and profitable opportunities for everyone. Organizations like LM.ORG could devolve millions, billions of dollars each year to humanitarian organizations around the world. The music market is one of the largest and richest in the world.
No one would lose anything, everyone could benefit at different levels.

We believe and want a world like this.

February 14, 2012