Direct Talks with P. Musebrink aka Deep Dive Corp.

In the 1999 Deep-Dive-Corp. borns and the success and appreciation were immediate. Peter Musebrink is the soul and the force of the group. They are eight the albums released, the first three under the Jubilee Records, the other ones under the label In-D Records. “Support Your Local Groover” (2000) is the debut album that immediately showed the quality and creativity of Peter and his team. Continuing over the years, the plot and sonic variety is enriched, developing a multi-stylistic approach and having always an emotional sound. Also in their gigs, they develop and take care about the emotional aspect and the arrangement of the tracks, becoming from time to time uniques. Peter uses excellent collaborators and musicians, his music is also included in the famous compilations such as Lovefield Comp., Nirvana Lounge, Le Café Abstrait, N.Y. Lounge, DJ-Magazine, Luftkastellet, Hotel Costes, History of Chill, etc. Peter is also knows as with his broadcast “THE dIVE” every Tuesday at Ibiza Sonica (95.2 FM radio Ibiza Sonica) from 14:00 – 15:00. The other six Peter‘s album are: “Blackmail Recordings” (2001), “Beware of Fake Gurus” (2002), “Freestyle Floating” (2005), “…and Some Funky Fish” (2006), “Undiscovered” (2007), “More Bass” (2009), “Beats`N Things & Melodies” (2012).

  1. I can’t go under (LM Deep edit 2010) Dennis Ferrer feat Deep Dive Corp
  2. Deep Dive Corp feat. De Paris – Borderland Deep Dive Corp feat. De Paris

What follow is my interview with him

01 . How and when your career started?

It all startet in 1999 in Hamburg. Been asked to fill a gap at the Lovefield-Festival of that year. So instead of just djing, me and my partner at the time also performed twice for about 30 minutes in my 3hour DJset. So we got a booking for the Paradiso/Amsterdam right after the performance…. And it didn’t stop till that date in summer 1999.

02 . What led you to this specific musical genre?

The longlife love for music in general. And the curiosity for all kinds of music-styles and sounds.

03 . Please, tell us a meaningful or amusing anecdote related to your career.

I used to work as a professional photographer and moved to Hamburg for more interessting jobs. But never managed to go around with my portfolio because of that not-at -all-planed-gig in the summer of 1999 in mentioned earlier.

04 . Reading your biografia and listening your sound, it seems that your work follows a specific but also a natural evolution, adding always new sounds and experiences. How can you describe us your music evolution?

I’m into music since I can walk on my own two feed. I’ve always been the one to bring the record-player to my friends birthday-parties even though we were only 5-6 years old. So my backcatalogue of music and styles is pretty big. And the name of my project is reflecting that: Deep Dive Corp. diving deep into any style of music, no boundaries .. well maybe no countryn western.. 🙂

05 . There is an album of yours that you’re most fond of and why?

It gotta be the first album (Support Your Local Groover) because it was never planned, it realy happend. And the last one (Beats`N Things & Melodies) because I believe any musician is most fond of his latest work.

06 . Your live performances are exciting and rich in vibrations thanks to the use of special hardware, they’re conceived to be a show to move the audience. Please, tell us how born your shows, the work and the purpose on it, etc.

Since the first gig I’m using a sequencer to be able to interact with the other musicians on stage. I’m still performing with my Akai MPC4000…. Like this every gig will be unique as a 5 minute track can turn into a 15 minutes monster if that extra sparkle of energy comes flying from the audience onto the stage and reverse. And having such an outrages bunch of musicians joining my on stage is such a privilege and a fun-factor! Hellmut Hattler (Kraan, Tab Two, etc.) on bass and Oli Rubow (De -Phazz, Die Fanastischen Vier, Hattler, etc.) on drums are such a solid rythm-section that I cant go wrong with my guitarplay while not touching the MPC… And if we do gigs with vocals, Dennis Le Gree (R.Kelly, Starlight Express, etc.) delievers like noone else.

07 . You are also known as with your broadcast THE dIVE every Wednesday at Ibiza Sonica (95.2 FM Ibiza Sonica) from 14:00 – 15:00. Tell us about this radioshow.

Well fist of all it has moved to tuesdays 14:00 – 15:00 🙂 And I so that show of mine for about 6 years now. Again the idea is to give a f… about styles, boundaries and play what ever catches my attention. I used to love John Peels Music on BBCradio. He as well didn’t care about styles onyl about quality and originality. With the big difference that I do not talk a lot. Mostly the basic information because in the digital world of today you can go and hunt for yourself if some of what I played caught your attention. The music should speak for itself!

08 . The performances live, the broadcast, the social networks gives the opportunity to have an instant feedback by the audience. What do you receive from the people, what emotions, considerations, compliments, critics or help?

With all the things I do in music I simply like to spread a good vibe. I have no message but just that intention with my doings. And the feedback especialy after concerts reflects it. And that of course makes me happy… And if I can be a kinda short-cut to interessting music (in my radio-show The Dive of my posts on FB) than that is what I like to be as well.. a short-cut 🙂 There is so much music out and released every day, but not everyone has the time to dig really deep into this vast sea of sound because they have a life to live. And there are more and more people who give up because of this sheer amount of output. So I`d like to be a kinda filter as well. And people come back to me and offer there treasures and perspectives. … I love this fruitfull interaction!

09 . Who is Peter Musebrink aka Deep-Dive-Corp. musican apart?

I live music, I always did. And luckily at some point in life I “dared to try to live from it“. It’s only in the last year or two that I`m re-discovering my photography because I received a lot of request for shootings.

10 . Do you have a dream to realize, a dream connected to the music but not necessarily so?

No, and yes….. There is no perticular dream waiting for me. I`m more the day-dreamer type of guy. So there constantly little dreams popping up like mushrooms. Right now I`d like to combine music and photography stronger, but don’t know how…., well not yet 🙂

11 . What are your plans for the immediate future?

I started working with Mashti Mads Nordheim from Copenhagen and that felt really good. So stuff from that end will appear no doubt. More collaborations with Michele Adamson and Sabine Sabine…. And there are already some almost finished tunes with Hellmut Hattler. And finally I got my photography-website running here

12 . If you could return on yours musical scores, which chord would you change?
No changes. Everything has its time and place…. I rather make a new tune than correcting an old one 🙂

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