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This time we are in company with the famous and acclaimed Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar, the Austrian musician that makes dance people all over the world. Musician, DJ, Producers and also the Head of Etage Noir Recordings, Parov is a complete artist, with an accurate and unique stile, a stile that takes inspiration from different genres and that it’s evolving constantly. Defined like ElectroSwing, Parov prefers not to limit his music to a definition, he combines soul, pop, jazz and swing with modern beats and grooves, he creates a music rich in arrangments, a pure energy, but also intense atmospheres, elegant and smooth sound and much more.
After beginning as solo artist, in 2005 started to perform with his full band. The shows are always different between them, where electronic music and brass blend. We can found his tracks in hundreds of compilations (e.g. Hôtel Costes, etc.) or in the soundtrack for numerous TV ads, TV shows, TV series and movies. The last year it was released the latest Parov Stelar’s album, “The Princess“, following by a successful tour still in progress. In the end there is the news of Parov Stelar TRIO debut, with the album “The Invisible Girl“, the trio is composed by Parov Stelar, Jerry di Monza and Max the Sax. The album is out from the March 22.

  1. Parov Stelar – Love Matilda (LM edit) Parov Stelar
  2. Parov Stelar feat Trio Manouche – Silent snow Parov Stelar feat Trio Manouche
  3. Parov Stelar feat Roundtree – Libella swing Parov Stelar feat Roundtree
  4. Parov Stelar feat Quantic – Hotel Axos Parov Stelar feat Quantic

What follow is my interview with him.

How and when your career started?
I started 15 years ago… I have been working as a graphic designer, and this profession enabled me to get in contact with the music scene.
At the beginning I designed some flyers for techno events and step by step I got in touch with interesting people from the music scene, I started to produce some songs by myself… the rest is history 🙂

Your musical style, Electro-Swing, is successful but also unique. Why have you choose just this genre, what binds you?

First of all, I really would like to point out, that I do not have “chosen” any kind of genre as I do not like to classify music in general, means I never made a decision for anything. My opinion is If you start categorizing something, you are also setting personal boundaries.
Furthermore…I am absolutely not limited to do just Electro-Swing.
Ifyou have a look at my different LPs, which are representing many different styles, you will notice that there are many dU’ferent influences…
I would like to keep the ”artistic freedom” to change and develop my style, stay open
minded…so we will see what kind of music I am going to present in the future.

Which events, experiences or people have been crucial along your career?

As I am in this business now for more than 15 years, it would take up an inappropriate amount of time to tell you all the highlights as well as
the unpleasant experiences I’ve had.
One very special and overwhelming experience for me was to play in front of 100.000 people at ”La Fête de l’Humanité” in France last year in September.

How would you describe your relationship with the music throughout your life?

It is like having a relationship with a woman 🙂
There are those moments were you feel completely fulfilled with it, knowing that this is the most desirable thing you wanna have/do in your life!
But I can report you as well about some really frustrating moments,
sitting in the studio, trying to be productive…but nothing seems to operate and sparks are not flying.

What is the most fun part and the most tiring one of your job? If there are you can tell us related anecdotes.

The most fun part is being creative in my studio, creating new beats, doing researchesfor new sample stuff …and the most tiring thing for me is traveling.

Who is Parov Stelar and his interests, apart from the musician?

Parov Stelar is the father of a 7 months young baby, as well husband who enjoys spending some time with his family…as well the guy who is interested in different kinds of artistic fields,a restless person…always searching for new sounds, new projects, new challenges …also the guy, who likes just to have some beer, smokes some moods …being lazy, relax, find some time for goingjogging, read a great book, …finally completely normal satisfaction of needs!

Can you describe, through your compilations, as your music is evolving?

I started doing minimal techno…been around as a DJ by my own for a while, experimented with different sounds and styles …after a while I met my Man ”Max the Sax”. To play a DJ Gig together with a Saxophonist was a completely new thing and a special way of stage performance.
Step by step I got in touch with the rest of my current band members, and finally in the year 2005 the idea was born to form PAROV STELAR & Band as a logical conclusion.

Specifically, we get at your last work, the double CD “The Princess”. There is your unmistakable touch but it seems that there is something new. What can you tell us about it and the whole album?

First, I gave myself more time to finish it. Two and a half years to be exact. I decided to wait long enough until I could happily and confident say: “Now I am finished”. It is important that the different stages in my life and the experiences, which I have been through are recognizable in my songs. This is why there are so many different influences and approaches on this album. We are getting influenced and modified by time…if we are open for it.

The members of your band are exceptional artists. What can you tell us about them, the way did you choose them and what kind of chemistry is there between you?

They all have been successful artists at that point of time we met each other, but we realized very quickly that there is a great chemistry between us and we should work together …so I did not chose them, I would prefer saying ”we found each other”.
My band members do exactly know, how I would like to present my sound and stage appearance.

Your celebrity is growing more and more and you’re constantly on the road for gigs. What emotions and energy are released into these events, what you give to the public and what you get?

We are presenting a big portion of energy in our live shows, trying to transmit emotions… Our goal is to give our fans some moments of lightness…spending a night with us, enjoying the sound, the atmosphere, stop thinking about “tomorrow and daily problems”…just have a big party with us.
In return we draw a lot ofenergy from our shows and motivation to continue….to see all those people dancing, sweating, singing the lyrics is an incredible feeling, absolutely nothing you get used to…
There is a special magic for that period of time when you are performing!

What are your plans for the future?

Job-related: having the great opportunity to stay successful in the music business, taking part in interesting projects in different kinds of artistic fields…as well to support talented new artists and give them the chance to release their music under my Label Etage Noir Recordings …as a private person, is a challenge or a plan to be a god father, to see my baby growing up, being as well a good husband, a friend …. stay healthy, creative and pleased with life…

If you could return on yours musical scores, which chord would you change?

Not one of them… all productions from my past are parts of me and my life! They show my development, reflecting my experiences, my feelings and my attitudes.
It is like a storybook… If you run over the pages you will find some pictures with strange haircuts or some fashion styles you would never choose again, but finally all of those steps in your life shaped you into exactly the person you are today.


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