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    15 November 2015
    All Day

    Carnaby Street Selections

    Carnaby Street vol 6: selections in progress…
    Data Release: November 15, 2015

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  • We accept demo submissions, but please understand that we only give feedback on music that really catches our attention. All tracks submitted must be previously unreleased and 100% free of any third party rights (publisher rights, uncleared samples, etc)
    Please carefully fill in all the fields marked as "required". Data sent that do not match with what is required, will affect your participation in the selection, therefore your submission will not be accepted. Will only be accepted from the following music genres: Jazz, Nu Jazz, Soul, Funky, Nu Funky, Soulful, Rhythm & Blues - Are also welcome live sessions (concerts, jam sessions, etc.) Each artist may submit a single song. No remixes. No Mushup. The collection will be released for free in HQ digital format (320 kbps sampling) through LM.ORG network. Thank you.
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    • I authorize the following content for the publication of them in the Carnaby Street collection series.
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      I am aware that my content will be used by www.loungemasters.org only for the purpose indicated, through the free distribution of collection series.
      I declare that the audio contents are my own and I authorize the use in www.loungemasters.org for publishing them.
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