Album Selections

If you are a musician and you have been selected by our staff to release an album or an EP through the LM Network, we invite you to fill out the form in its entirety. We ask you to be careful in providing accurate data about your tracks and various titrations.

If you are a musician and you have an active account on SoundCloud, but you’ve come on this page only because of your curiosity, we invite you to consider the opportunity to be selected by our staff. If you are looking for an opportunity to find a large audience, LM offers you the opportunity to be heard free of charge by thousands of fans. Our numbers are impressive and are constantly increasing.

We will listen to your work, we will evaluate them and if we find your sounds interesting, we will choose you to make an album or an EP dedicated, which will be distributed free of charge through our network.

Does not require any cost to the musicians published.
The realization of covers and the work of creating deployment packages, are fully taken care of by Media Communications E&E.

Essential requirements for your songs are fit for publication:
- tracks must be an original work (no remixes, no cover)
- tracks must never previously been published.
- tracks (and set) does not have to be available online for free download.

If successful, you will be contacted by our staff to provide us the necessary material to the creation of the final package (audio file formats sampled at 320 Kbps, photographs, logos, etc.)

1. LM is not a record label, in this case it is the only exclusive distributor, free of charge, of your tracks.
2. SIAE registration is not required, ISRC number it’s not required.
3. In the future you will be free to sign with any record label, so that you may sell your songs. In this case, the versions of your tracks put up for sale will have differences from those contained in the album distributed by LM.
4. LM is not responsible about the authenticity and originality of the tracks provided to us by the respective authors.

For any questions you may have, feel free to request us information, please write us via contact form

LM Albums . submission form
  • Please carefully fill in all the fields marked as “required”.
    Data sent that do not match with what is required, will affect your candidacy in the selection, therefore your submission will not be accepted.
    Thank you.


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  • I authorize the following content for the publication of them in the LM Albums series.
    (1) Audio content MP3 (with its title)
    (2) URL of my website.

    I am aware that my content will be used by only for the purpose indicated, through the free distribution of collection series.
    I declare that the audio contents are my own and I authorize the use in for publishing them.


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