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Isabel Morales Rey is an eclectic German artist. She has several interests, in music she’s a composer, producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. She won the Oscar award for the best blues, soul & folk voice of Germany and gained 2 Oscar nominations for the best song compositions and arrangements. Famous are the live gigs with her latin jazz project. Four are the albums already released, “Every Day” (2009), “Fuego Frio” (2009), “Divine” (2009), “Cafe Fatal” (2012), the fifth, “Burning Within“, will be released this spring. In her compilations we can find genres like  lounge, jazz, pop, folk, latin, rock but also her passion and many emotions.

What follow is my interview with her.

01. Tell us how and when your musical career started.
It all started by winning the German oscar for the best voice of Germany in 1996 and two oscar nominations for the best singer-songwriter music compositions (German Rock & Pop for Musicians organization).

02. Why did you choose this kind of music, what do it transmit you?
I never decided to play a particular kind of music. It just happened when I got my first instruments. The development of my music is influenced by my skills, by a natural feeling for a special kind of rhythm and strings which I’ve always felt and heard inside. When you listen to my albums you will find different genres like pop, jazz, latin, folk, and rock. What’s most important to me, is the tightness of my voice and the accompanying warm sound of my guitar and its harmonies.

03. Will you experiment other musical genre in the future or different projects?
I already am. Sometimes I prefer the minimalism of folk, at times the typical acoustic band formation sound or the classical orchestral touch. Maybe combinations of antagonism in one and the same track too. Furthermore I like deep house or minimal techno remixes.

04. Tell us about yourself.
Listen to my songs and music, pleeease or meet me at Cafe Fatal and see for yourself.

05. Besides music, have you interest of other art forms? What they are?
Yes, of course. I’m interested in human beings, painting, graphic design, photo design, neuro science, commu-nication, sociology, new working models like ROWE (results only work environment) and a lot more.

06. How do your other activities converge into your music production?
For example: “The significance of whitespace in design is the equivalent to the dropped yet highly perceptible note in music”.

07. Your next album will be released soon, what can you tell us or anticipate about it?
For the 5th brand new album “burning within” which will be released in April 2013 I invited outstanding guest musicians to bring their very special skills into one of the 10 tracks. You will find 4 bonus tracks on the digital & phy-sical album with Stella Artos (e-git), Felicia Peters (voc & viola), MC Schmitt (violin) and Kanzler & Wischnewski (minimal techno remix). Stay tuned. Pre-listening on youtube and soundcloud possible (links see below).

08. What do you want to communicate to the audience with your music?
Love and respect to everyone’s individuality and emotions.

09. Do you want to tell us something about you or to deepen an aspect of your music that I didn’t ask you?
Thank you Katia. Yes. During composing I’m setting value on songs that are reduced to the essential; also including a comprehensible arrangement with well-considered and mellow transitions. While I am working on a track it’s important to me that it includes moments of breathing, floating, and drifting.  Like a state of healing. As a matter of course I emphasize a round, honest, and professional final product.

10. What are your plans for the future?
To renovate my music studio, to produce the next album with songs I’m hearing inside, and to compose and produce soundtracks for movies. In between never forgetting to take a break/pause. Thank you Katia it was a pleasure!


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