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The Spanish artist Jesús Estevill comes out from electronic scene in a very versatile way and he’s coming to travel into the international music world scene. He is a DJ, a Producer, a video artist with his installations and a Photographer. He knows and loves a lot of music, also because his entire family has had relation with the world of music, but his final choise is to move into the techno minimalist, vanguard, house, lounge, ambient, chill out, downtempo, with those genres he moves the audience. The quality of the music and technique of his sessions is always at the top. One of his new project is “Ames Blue” with the artist Oscar Masala and last year they released an album in Beatlounge Music with German label Schalldeluxe that includes tracks By Moby, Lenny Ibizarre, Alejandro De Pinedo and many more. Great energy and creativity come from this artist.

What follow is my interview with him
01. Tell us how and when your musical career started.

My musical career began in the early 90s in Madrid when I became interested in the club culture that burst in the capital of Spain influenced by the electronic music scene German and English. At that time in Spain began hatching a true culture electronic music and clubs. In 1996 throught Sonia Briz and his radio program Zone 3 of Spain National Radio highly successful begin airing chillout sessions of mine with great public acceptance. I am also very influenced by my family my parents are big music lovers and in my house always hear good music jazz, soul, flamenco. Also my father is a connoisseur of Spanish flamenco music. I have also a pianist brother and composer. And my grandfather was a musician, so something i must come from them. I have a great love and respect for the music and the artist and I love what I do.

02. Why did you choose this kind of music, what do it transmit you?

Althought I hear all kinds of music, I’m very influenced by jazz, soul. I am passionate about sounds of chillout and deep house. And also like to mix and play everything from techno to ambient. I think electronic music is the music of our time where there are great artist and do great things. To me this music gives me joy and good vibes just try to convey in my sets and productions.

03. Will you experiment other musical genre in the future or different projects?

I’m open to all genres of music and I think the richness of the music is fused with other styles. I have a project called Ames Blue with another spanish artist Oscar Masala and would like mix Latin rhythms, Brazilian and African Music in our productions .

04. Tell us about yourself as a man not only as a musician.

Well I am a lover of life I enjoy it my family my friends I love the sea the nature a good read and enjoy the little things that gives you are the best. I am committed to social causes and I believe that a better world is possible. And of course I believe in Love and is the best we have to give human beings and be happy that’s what it is in life.

05. Besides music, have you interest of other art forms? What they are?

I am very interested in art in general I am a lover of photography and I am interested in digital art, video art and installation art. And linking with electronic music. I have a music project and installations and video art called 2DimensionArt.

06. How do your other activities converge into your music production?

We walked towards a new future in art and new technologies and music lends itself to being supported by it. I think a good live music show of any kind today must be supported with video art, installation art. And that’s what I intend to do in my shows with the support of a multimedia artist and artist Vj .

07. What can you tell us specifically about your music production?

I’m working on my music production project Ames Blue and producing for some labels like Deep House Records Inc Chicago label with great international who has trusted us and with which we will release our first Lp as Ames Blue. Also in august last year 2012 in Beatlounge Music one of the most important Americam radio of culture Chill our work appeared in the first compilation album of Beatlounge MusicChillOut LifeStyle. Share album with the likes of Moby, Lenny Ibizarre, Alejandro de Pinedo .

08. What do you want to communicate to the audience with your music?

Music is a universal languaje without which humans could not live. And the music is pure feeling, life, emotions, joy and above all want to live and be happy. Have people happy with the music and convery good vibrations. If I get any of this I’ll be very happy and satisfied.

09. Do you want to tell us something about you or to deepen an aspect of your music that I didn’t ask you?

I felt very comfortable with his interview and wanted to thank the whole team of Lounge Masters and you for letting  me have the honor to share this moment with you and your audience. And thank you for the world of music and artist. My pleasure, and tell fans Lounge Masters that many continue to enjoy this great space. Many thanks and also keep enjoying good music.

10. What are your plans for the future?

Keep working hard in music production – Playing in all the places that I like and get on with all my projects with all my projects with the same enthusiasm and love it so far.


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